About us

About us lace and twig

 When my kids were little, I wanted a job where I could stay at home with them.  I abandoned my former academic persona (I had earned a PhD in Neurophysiology), and traded it for crafter extraordinaire, complete with paint under my finger nails and burns from my glue gun.  

My first collection started in my backyard.  I painted fallen twigs, added some lace (hence the name, "Lace and Twig Inc" was born), and then fashioned the lot into hair fascinators.  I took some photos and launched a site on Etsy.

It took months before I had my first sale...in fact, in between potty-training and the playground, I scoured the internet for information, tips and ideas on how to improve my photos, alter my description, master SEO and create a brand.  This was a very slow process that took years before I managed to find a niche and earn the attention of buyers.

Over the years, Lace and Twig Inc has become much more than a job....it has become an outlet of expression and accomplishment.  Some people seek therapy...I found the light in some ink and mugs.

The love of my life, Bryan, has become a major part of my life and Lace and Twig Inc.  Where my contributions are limited to design, neurons (not terribly useful) and acumen from Google, his are customer service and business focused.  With his help, I continue on a journey for Lace and Twig Inc;  one that I am confident you will love.

Please browse, connect, and come back often...there is always something brewing here...

Cathy xo